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Still Putting Off Your Newsletter?
Don't You Think It's Time to Fix That?

PROBLEM SOLVED: With Ready2Go Ezines, your
newsletters go out every month like clockwork, looking
beautiful...for just moments of your time, not CRAZY HOURS.

Linda Claire PuigHi...Linda Claire Puig here, and I've been creating client-getting newsletters for service professionals and small businesses for 23+ years, so I know how hard it is to find the time to create them every single month without support.

However, I also know that without a newsletter, everything you do to grow your business is likely to fall flat, for you won't have developed the kind of relationship with your audience that supports your success. You may well remain a best-kept secret forever.

You see, your newsletter is the tool that allows you to follow up and keep in touch with potential clients—to become someone they know, respect and trust enough to hire. Over time, it helps inspire your audience to action with powerful, valuable messages that plant you firmly in the minds of your readers.

The Ready2Go Ezine service offers an
easy and affordable solution!

No more skipping issues because you run out of time.

No more putting off your newsletter because you don't know what to write (or don't like to).

No more pulling your hair out because "tech stuff" is giving you fits.

Ready2Go EzinesWe value your voice, your brand, your unique message and your commitment to your business. And that won't get lost a bit with the Ready2Go Ezine service.

What we're here to do is streamline the process for you and drastically reduce the hours you spend getting a newsletter ready.

Each issue, you'll choose from our library of 450+ pre-written articles (with full license to edit as you wish) plus send us a brief personal note and promotions.


We take care of all the rest: editing, formatting, proofing, testing, sending! All in your own gorgeous custom-designed template that we create for you at the beginning.

You're free of all the nitty gritty details...free to do what you LOVE in your business while the newsletter professionals take care of your newsletter.

You spend MOMENTS on your newsletter instead of HOURS.

Your readers receive a consistent, high-value, professional publication every month (or more often if you desire)!

And all this equals growth and revenue for you and your business.

Let me show you how the service works

At the beginning, our professional design team works with you to develop a custom-designed ezine template that matches your established brand and website. You have the final say in all design work.

The end result? A beautiful ezine template that looks great in your readers' inboxes and builds your business!

Here's what makes Ready2Go Ezines a unique, time-saving service that our clients RAVE about

As a Ready2Go Ezine client, you have access to our entire library of 450+ Ready2GoArticles. Each month, you'll choose one of these articles to run in your ezine—at NO EXTRA charge!

These articles save you HOURS of time and frustration. With Ready2Go Articles, you have full rights to edit and modify the articles however you like—another way we ensure your personal voice and brand is heard in your newsletters.

And don't worry if you don't want to edit the articles; they are created by professional writers I've hand-picked myself.

Of course, if you prefer to write your own articles, we support that as well.

(Note, click here to preview the categories and excerpts of all our Ready2Go Articles available to you at NO extra charge to use in your ezine.)

Our team will also set-up your personal email delivery service account with our preferred provider, MailChimp. As a bonus, you will also receive access to a training from me on how to use MailChimp to email other announcements and promotions to your list!

Once your ezine template is created you only have 3 simple steps per month to fulfill:

1. Choose your article
2. Write your personal note
3. Include any promotional materials for your ezine

And not to worry—every month, our client service team sends you a reminder of when things are due in case you forget.

Imagine what a relief it is to have all those chores magically lifted off your shoulders!

That's how all of our clients feel! Here's what just a few of them have to say about our ezine service. (We've been providing ezines to some clients for 9 years!)

"Claire Communications has been great. Through our monthly newsletters, we are able to reach out to many people. We have heard back from old clients, gained new clients, and connected with peers. Additionally, the articles we choose are always thoughtfully written. They help our clients think about us and the messages we strive to get across. Also, the newsletters serve to organize and remind us of what we have in store for the upcoming month!”
Dr. Lyle Cadenhead
Psychologist, TX

"The newsletter Linda produces for me is always filled with timely and thought-provoking articles and is of high quality. Many of my clients comment on how useful it is to them. It has been a wonderful way for clients and potential clients to keep track of me. It is my best marketing tool!"

Debra Keenan
Executive Coach & Management Consultant, NJ
“Linda provides a real value-add service for me. As a coach who's busy, I want to spend time with my clients yet I want to keep in touch with contacts. The newsletter enables me to do that. I also learn something each time! My clients and contacts are impressed by the professionalism and the consistancy of delivery.
Claire Palmer
Career & Coach Development, UK
"Linda's writing and content was always right on and practical for my executive coaching and working with executive teams. In short, Linda's writings for my monthly newsletters made me look good as a thought leader and knowledgeable practitioner in my coaching practice."
Hayden Hayden
Professional Trainer & Executive Coach, TX
“Linda produces an excellent monthly ezine (which I subscribe to for my clients), chock full of innovative and insightful articles. My clients are always giving me positive feedback on my ezine.”
Janice Knight
Life Coach, CA

We know YOU will be pleased with our Ready2Go Ezines. What about your readers?

That's something many of our clients wonder before they begin using our ezine services. Once they get started, however, they begin hearing rave reviews! The following are direct quotes passed on to us from our clients—from THEIR readers.

"I read your newsletter every month and always find at least one thing to take away, many times more, and always get a boost of energy and inspiration."

"The advice and tips in your newsletter have helped me immensely in my personal, emotional and physical life. I have applied many of your ideas to my family, friends and my workplace. Your advice in this newsletter about speaking skills was excellent and helped me with a presentation I made this afternoon at my job. Please keep up the excellent work and newsletter."

"I just wanted to drop you a line to say how wonderful I think your newsletter is. There's almost always something in each one that helps me both in my personal life and in my work life."

"What a neat newsletter! You made me want to read it...no small feat."

"Congratulations! I love your newsletter. It is chock full of good stuff. I love that it's so positive. Keep up the good work and I look forward to many, many more issues."

Put your newsletter on autopilot with our Ready2Go Ezine service. For one low monthly rate and initial set-up fee, here's what you get...

An ezine template designed to match YOUR website and YOUR brand. We take elements from your website and merge them with ezine design standards to give you a custom-branded look for your ezine and a template that looks good in your readers' inboxes.

The three examples below show how the ezine design (top) coordinates beautifully with each client's online branding (website, bottom).

ezine design samples Middleton ezine Hurtt ezine Joyner ezine

And don't worry, you'll have a chance to approve your design before your first ezine is sent! Your entire custom ezine template design is included in your initial, 1-time set-up fee.

Within 24 hours of signing up for the Ready2Go Ezine service, you will receive your own private code that allows you to go into our Ready2GoArticles.com site to select for free the specific article that you want to use in each issue.

After downloading your selected article, you may modify it if you wish before sending it to us with your note and promotional announcements for that ezine issue.

relaxed womanWe'll produce, proof, test and deliver your choice of 1 or 2 ezines each month with the Ready2Go Article of your choice, your personal note and promotional items.

Again, all you have to do is choose your article, write your personal note and send it to us each month, along with your promotional material.

You can sit back, relax and feel confident, knowing that your ezine will go out like clockwork, every single month!

We'll set up your own personal email delivery service account with our preferred provider, MailChimp. This is the account we will use to send your ezines. You can send other emails from this account, as well. And you can go into your account each month and check your ezine delivery statistics or post your newsletter to Facebook.

Your account is free forever for up to 2,000 names in your contact list. All you need to do is email us your contact list in an Excel document before we send out your first ezine. We'll take it from there! Getting your account up and running is included in the initial, 1-time set-up fee.

NOTE: We also work with Aweber, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, and 1ShoppingCart accounts, in case you already have an email service provider.

This code, generated during our set-up of your email delivery service account, allows visitors to your website to subscribe automatically to your newsletter.

You'll probably want to just forward this code to your webmaster to put on your site (unless you're skilled in computer coding).

magnifying glassIt ALWAYS pays to have another set of eyes on anything you write. I can't tell you how many errors I see going out in people's ezines, and it reflects badly...sometimes worse than others.

Part of our production process includes proofing the material that you send (such as your personal note and announcements), as well as testing all links.

Give yourself the gift of PEACE OF MIND, knowing that your readers are receiving a professional-quality newsletter!

We'll let you know, well in advance, of the date by which you'll need to send us your personal note and promotional material for each issue.

This way, you stay on schedule and don't miss issues...one of the most essential practices for a successful newsletter.

Let me be clear: I'm all for you doing your own newsletters. But WILL you?
And have you considered the actual cost of creating them yourself?

What AREN'T you doing when you're slaving over your newsletter?

You're not working with clients, or having sessions with prospective clients.

Now consider the cost to you and your business of not publishing a newsletter at all

When you don't send high-value newsletters that establish your expertise and credibility, keep you top-of mind and build an important relationship, you risk all of this below:

A professional newsletter—sent regularly—with high-quality, high-value content makes these risks disappear.

Only 1-2 client sessions will easily cover your investment in Ready2Go Ezines

Today, you can have a Ready2Go Ezine done for you and sent to your subscriber list EVERY MONTH for only $159/month. And if you want your list to get 2 ezines every month, your investment is only $294/month.

You'll probably cover that cost with only 1 or 2 client SESSIONS! And when you're in touch with your market on a regular basis—like you will be when you sign up for Ready2Go Ezines—you'll be attracting more clients, for sure!

EXTRA-SPECIAL SPECIAL: Save up to $350 and lock in a year's worth of fabulous newsletters to your audience by selecting our option for a year's worth of Ready2Go Ezines!

So now you only have two decisions to make:
1) how many ezines per month and
2) how much money you want to save.

Choose 1 or 2 ezines per month

1 Ezine per Month
Experiential evidence from THOUSANDS of professionals clearly shows that regular monthly ezines are super-effective at marketing your practice. And because of the ephemeral nature of email, you don't want to send an ezine any LESS often than once a month.

2 Ezines per Month
Two ezines per month are even more effective
, as many 6- and 7-figure business owners can attest. In fact, many business coaches advise their clients to send at least 2 ezines a month.

In my own studies and experimentation regarding frequency, I found twice a month ezines to be the sweet spot, which is why our new Ready2Go Ezine service includes this option. Plus, when you order 2 Ready2Go Ezines per month, your per-issue rate goes down.

Order 1 year of ezines for BIG savings

Pay Monthly
If you choose the "pay monthly" option, your credit card will be automatically charged for your ezine around the 1st of every month. (Your initial charge today covers your first ezine and set-up fee; automated recurring charges start the next month.)

We require a minimum 6-month commitment to the service, and we do that for your benefit. Newsletters work by virtue of their consistency and regularity. It's not to your advantage to just do one or a few newsletters. (However, do see our crazy-generous, no-risk guarantee below!)

Pay Annually
Choosing the "annual payment" option locks in a year's worth of newsletters and saves you hundreds of dollars right now. We highly recommend this option! And if you'd like to take advantage of those savings, but cash flow is an issue, consider using the PayPal Credit feature which enables you to take full advantage of these excellent savings via the annual-pay option but make payments to PayPal until you're all done.

NOTE: All options require a 1-time initial set-up fee. (See FAQs below for what this set-up fee covers.)

Ready. Set. Go! Time to make your selection
and take care of your newsletters for the
rest of the year...TODAY!

order now table Order 1 Ready2Go Ezine per month Order 1 year of 1 Ready2Go Ezine per month Order 2 Ready2Go Ezines per month Order 1 year of 2 Ready2Go Ezines per month

Our Crazy-Generous, No-Risk,
100% Money-Back Guarantee
Will Set Your Mind at Ease

Our clients have been enjoying our newsletter services for so many years that I am confident you will, too, especially when you realize how much time and frustration they save you—and how much your clients like them!

If, after you've experienced our Ready2Go Ezine service for two months, you don't LOVE it, we'll refund 100% of your money spent.

Got questions? Check these answers first...

questionIf I sign up now, when will my first ezine go out?

questionYour first ezine will go out within 14 business days of the date you send us your set-up material (such as photo, logo, etc.). If you wish a quicker turnaround, we can easily accommodate that; just mention it in the "Comments" box in the shopping cart.

questionWhat if you don't have any articles appropriate for my business?

questionThat would be mighty surprising! Just about every type of coach I've come across can find articles appropriate for their audience. Same for people in the mental health profession.

But even businesses that are nowhere near coaching or counseling can find Ready2Go Articles that their clientele and prospects will enjoy.

For example, a real estate agent could use one of our articles on self-care and give it the angle of "taking extra special care of yourself during the stressful home buying process" and be truly memorable.

If you absolutely cannot find articles that would suit your market, there are a few other options...contact me directly to discuss them. Otherwise, you're always protected by our Crazy-Generous, No-Risk Guarantee, which will refund 100% of your money spent.

Oh, and if you need assistance determining articles that would be good for your business, just let me know by writing it in the "Comments" section of the shopping cart.

questionWhat does the set-up fee cover?

questionYour set-up fee (a 1-time charge of $300) covers designing and creating your ezine template (see next question for more details), setting up your email delivery account, uploading your contact list and handling any questions you have during the process.

questionHow do you create my ezine template?

questionWhen you sign up for the Ready2Go Ezine service, you'll receive an immediate email describing the elements that we need to receive from you in order to create your template. Gathering these materials usually takes 15 minutes to an hour.

Using the material you provide and elements available to us on your website, our designers create a header and section title graphics that coordinate with your website.

After that, our production staff creates the actual template, which we then use to produce each ezine issue. Of course, you'll have the opportunity to approve the template before your first ezine is sent (with one adjustment round).

questionHow do I get my email contact list to you?

questionSend us your contact list in an Excel document, with fields for first name, last name and email address. If you do not have names, just send the email addresses. If you do not have Excel, let us know, and we can suggest some other formats for you.

questionHow do I name my newsletter? Any suggestions?

questionIn brief, think of the benefits a reader gets from your business or will get from your newsletter. Try to incorporate those words into your newsletter. Or use part of your business name in the title. For example, one client named her newsletter Core Success Monthly (business name: Core Excellence). Despite a few exceptions to the rule, I generally advise against using your full business name as the title.

questionWhat if I ALREADY HAVE Ready2Go Articles?

questionPlease let us know if this is the case, and we will send you a special sign-up link to use that reflects your previous purchase of articles. Simply email your request to clientcare[at]clairecommunications.com.

questionCan I use this service with articles that I've written myself?

questionOf course, you may! That's the beauty of Ready2Go Ezines: Use your own article, when you have one. But don't stress about it if you run out of time to write. You'll always have Ready2Go Articles as back-ups when you need them.

Just select from one of the four options available on the table below. There is no discount for providing your own article. We have the same amount of work, often more, when you provide your own article, especially in the area of selecting a photo and proofing your article. And we'll be happy to do that!

Your newsletters done for you each and
every month, a no-risk guarantee...
What are you waiting for?

order now table

A final note to you from Linda Claire Puig

Linda Claire PuigThis newsletter service is my way of supporting those who foster development and transformation in people and businesses. That means YOU!

I figure that when I help you with MY gifts, you get to help MORE people with YOUR gifts!

And that makes the world a better place.

I really hope you'll let me and my team help you with a Ready2Go Ezine!

And again, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions that the FAQ section above has not answered. Click here to email me. Include your name and a phone number so we can talk...it's sometimes a lot easier!

All the very best to you,

Linda Claire Puig


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